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Our Vision

"To grow the Refractories industry through facilitating training, education and development in order to improve competitiveness".

Our Mission

"To establish an efficient and effective Refractories Contractors Association that aggressively promotes and facilitates Education and Training across its member Companies and meets their skills needs".

Refca Background

REFCA is a voluntary industry association that was established by seven refractories installation contractors in January 1997. Today, the association has 36 member companies under it's wing.

These companies represent the designers, manufacturers, installers and users of refractory products. The users are operators of refractories lined furnaces, ovens kilns, ladles and chimney stacks in the metallurgical, cement, glass and related industries.


Its primary objective is to encourage adherence to proper industry standards for products, services, installations and the maintenance of refractory materials. The association also places particular emphasis on the need to participate in and support the training needs of its member companies. It also assists providers of accredited training in providing a variety of routes to qualificatons and career paths for all grades of employees in the refractories industry.


To achieve the aims REFCA has affiliated itself with Seifsa, Bifsa and the Institute of Refractories Engineers. REFCA has formed the Refractories Industry Training Advisory Council (RITAC) so that the experts within this industry can organise training for semi-skilled workers and plan for learnerships within the NQF.

Together with Seifsa, Bifsa, Safcec, SACS and IRE, the Pretoria Technikon and with support from the GTZ (German Technical Development agency) the association has completed a project to define the practical work experiences, competencies, skills and knowledge required to enable technical persons to register with the Engineering Council of South Africa as a Refractories Engineering Technician or Technologist.

All competent/experienced persons in the industry are urged to make use of the oppportunity.

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